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LMR 400 Cables
Standard and Custom LMR 400 Coax Cable Assemblies with N, TNC, and SMA Connectors

 Unbeatable Prices - Buy Online or Order Custom LMR400 Cables, 50ohm (0-12.4Ghz)

     LMR 400 Cable N Male to N Male
     LMR-400 Cable N Male to N Female
     LMR-400 Cable N Female to N Female
     LMR-400 Cable, N Male to TNC Male
     LMR-400 Cable N Male to SMA Male
     LMR-400 Cable N Male to TNC Reverse Polarity Male
     LMR-400 Cable N Male to SMA Reverse Polarity Male
     SMA Male  to SMA Female LMR400 Cables
     SMA to BNC LMR400 Cables
     SMA to N LMR400 Cables
     SMA Female to SMA Male LMR 400

LMR-400 Flexible Communications Cable

Ideal for:

  • Drop-in replacement for RG-8/9913 Air-Dielectric type Cables
  • Jumper Assemblies in Wireless Communications Systems
  • Short Antenna Feeder runs
  • Any application (e.g. WLL, GPS, LMR) requiring an easily routed, low loss RF cable

LMR-400 Flexible Communications Cable Key Features:

    Flexible: With a 1-inch minimum bend radius, LMR-400 cable can be easily routed into and through tight spaces without kinking. The LMR bonded-tape outer conductor provides superior flexibility and ease of bending compared to corrugated copper or smooth wall copper hard-line cables.

    Low Loss: LMR-400 has the lowest loss of any RG8/ RG213 type cable. This is achieved through the use of a high velocity gas-injected closed cell foam dielectric and bonded aluminum tape outer conductor.


    Weatherproof: The UV protected black polyethylene jacket makes the cable rugged and resistant to the full range of outdoor environments. The DB version of the cable includes a water blocking material within the braid to protect the cable from moisture ingress and eliminate any potential for corrosion in harsh environments or should the jacket become damaged. Various jacket materials are available to address other indoor and outdoor requirements.

    RF Shielding: The bonded aluminum tape outer conductor is overlapped to provide 100% coverage, resulting in >90 dB RF shielding (>180 dB crosstalk) and excellent interference immunity (ingress and egress).

    Phase Stability: The intimately bonded structure and foam dielectric of LMR 400 cables provide excellent phase stability over temperature and with bending. The high velocity dielectric results in superior phase stability as compared with solid and airspaced dielectric cables.

Custom LMR 400 Cable assemblies with phase matching, insertion loss matching, and other special electrical or marking requirements can be provided.

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