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Custom Coax Cables - Custom Video Cables, Custom Network Cables
Full Service Manufacturer of Custom Cable Assemblies for LANs and Video Transmission

Our company is a full service cable manufacturer, offering custom coax cables, such as custom video cables and custom network cables for many types of equipment.

Our Custom Cable Manufacturing facilities are located in California, USA. Contact us for standard, custom and specialty coaxial, cat6, custom computer cables, fiber optics, etc. We offer custom configurations, angled connectors, custom lengths, custom labeling & barcoding, custom packaging and kitting, ultra-flexible, harsh environment, industrial coaxial cables, military use cables, etc. Whether you need small or large quantities we can quickly deliver them. We ship our cabling products worldwide.


Discounts and Wholesale Prices are available to Corporate Buyers, OEM's, Government Organizations, Military, Educational Institutions, Computer Stores, Selected Retail Stores, as well as End Users.

As a certified GSA Supplier we ship to APO's, Government and Military installations daily.

     RG 400 Custom Coax Cables
     F RG6 and RG59 Custom Coax Cables
     Mini WECO Test Cords
     LMR 400 Custom Coax Cables
     BNC RG59 Custom Video Cables
     SMA Custom Coax Cables
     RG179 SMB, BNC Coax Cables
     Custom SMB Coax Cables

Our diversified inventory of standard products contains thousands of quality computer and network connectivity products at very competitive prices.

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